History and Organization


First steps to establish the CIEE were taken in 2007 at the inaugural meeting of the Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution (CSEE), the national learned society. In May of 2008, after a nation-wide competition that received entries from some of Canada’s most prestigious universities, the Society’s Governing Council selected the proposal from the University of Toronto to house and operate the CIEE/ICEE at the Koffler Scientific Reserve (KSR).

During its establishment phase, the CIEE operated as an informal association among the faculty at member universities and the CSEE. In September 2012, with the appointment of CIEE's second Director (Dr. Peter Leavitt) administration of CIEE moved to the University of Regina (while programming continues to be distributed across the country).

The CIEE/ICEE operates as a research collaboration among its member universities and the CSEE. The institute is governed by its Committee of Designated Representatives, while the Director is responsible for administering programs, budget and facilities. The Scientific Advisory Committee, comprised of leading scientists from across Canada evaluates program proposals, and advises the Director operations and directions.